I have been blessed to work with some great people representing some amazing churches and organizations. What’s all the talk about?!

“Generis provided exceptional professional services through Carla Maxwell Ray, Senior Generosity Strategist, who served as our coach, as well as support services through TeamWorks and Wealth Screening. Our conference’s $2.5 million fundraising campaign had been launched on the heels of two prior back to back campaigns, without a feasibility study, and without a leadership team in place.  A steering team was belatedly called into service and we later selected Generis to provide us guidance for this challenge. Carla listened thoughtfully to our situation and assessed the feasibility for the campaign.  Her expertise provided concrete strategies and solid action steps for us to pursue.  She was enthusiastic and encouraging.  She was adaptive to the challenges at hand, and especially patient, when our working with volunteers, and not having a paid support staff at our disposal, limited our ability to execute fully all of the recommendations she envisioned. Carla has guided us in adding nearly $1 million in gifts and commitments to the endowment and empowered us for continuing the next leg of the campaign.”
—Rev. Amanda Richards & Rev. Dr. J. Keith Zimmerman, Co-Chairs, Our Conference, Our Kids Steering Team, Illinois Great Rivers United Methodist Conference

“Carla Maxwell Ray’s assistance was vital in helping me to craft a wonderfully comprehensive generosity strategic plan as a part of the Lilly Initiative to Build Capacity in the Historical African American Theological Schools. Finally, she has a dynamic understanding of institutions and the critical processes that are involved in engaging and encouraging individuals to offer resources as an expression of their faith and passion for human needs and well-being.”
—Vergel L. Lattimore, Ph.D, President, Hood Theological Seminary, Salisbury, NC

“Mrs. Ray was exactly what the Grant family needed to help us realize the potential and capacity we possessed to make this vision a reality. Mrs. Ray led the Grant family in a generosity initiative that raised $1.5 million dollars in pledges; but above that, she helped us embrace the biblical principles of generosity and sacrificial giving which will have a generational impact on our collective attitude towards giving.”
—Pastor Tan C. Moss, Greater Grant Memorial AME, Jacksonville, FL

“Words cannot begin to express the depth of appreciation, gratitude, and amazement I have for Carla Maxwell Ray. In serving as the generosity consultant for First Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, her performance, skills, expertise, and ability to produce far exceeded our expectations! She possesses a phenomenal capability to rally a team, define roles, and motivate them to completion.”
—Pastor Jason J. Drayton, First Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, Buffalo, NY

“God has called Carla to leverage her two loves – building God’s kingdom and gathering resources for vision implementation- into the powerful ministry. She helped our church to receive over $1million in pledges and the funds continue to pour in because a clear vision was cast and a clear path was laid before us. God has equipped Carla to be your escort on an amazing faith journey. Are you ready?”
—Pastor William H. Lamar IV, Turner Memorial AME Church, Hyattsville, MD

“This is the first time our church has ever attempted a generosity initiative and there was a lot to learn, as well as many challenges to face. Carla skillfully guided and helped us overcome every challenge. With her help, I am excited to say that we exceeded our anticipated $1 million commitment goal. The coaching and resource material provided by Carla helped inspire our small congregation to take a step of faith. Thank you, Carla!!”
—Pastor Harold McKenzie, Unity Church of Jesus Christ, State College, PA

10 Reasons I Chose Generis and Carla Maxwell Ray:

  1. Lasting impact of campaigns
  2. Diverse multicultural consultant pool
  3. Alignment with values of church
  4. Emphasis on developing a culture of generosity versus campaign
  5. Genuine and authentic approach
  6. Understanding big picture
  7. Christ-centered
  8. Care for church and needs
  9. Understanding how church makes disciples of men
  10. Warmth

—Pastor Michael Brewster, Mt Zion Baptist, Wilkes-Barre, PA

“Carla came to Bronx Bethany Church of the Nazarene from Generis to conduct a Generosity Audit . . . analyzed our giving both quantitatively and strategically, arranged focus group meetings, conducted donor analytics . . . she built a plan to execute our goals and to fund my vision to expand our capacity. We exceeded our fiscal goal . . . we bought in many new donors and propelled generosity among many inconsistent givers. I call Carla an Angel sent by God.”
—Reverend Samuel C.W. Vassel, D. Min., Bronx Bethany Church of Nazarene, Bronx, NY

“As a result of our work together, we feel stronger in our foundation for fundraising for the important work of our nonprofit. We appreciated the insights and suggestions you brought to our fundraising infrastructure and Board relations . . . your guidance was so valuable as we worked together on mass engagement and our annual fundraising event . . . under your tutelage our year-end campaign produced the best revenues and results ever! Your strong, focused advice and leadership will make all the difference for us as we work through this time and increase our fundraising results. Thank you, Carla. You’re the best!”
Executive Director Wanda Steptoe, New Endeavors By Women, Washington, DC

You may not know it yet, but in order to achieve your ministry goals, partnership, is not optional. Partnership is essential. And I know the right partner for you – Carla Maxwell Ray. You need the vision of a disciple of Jesus Christ who has helped to raise over $1 billion dollars for institutions as storied as Spelman College, Morehouse College, Boys and Girls Club of America, and the University of Maryland. God has called Carla to leverage her two loves – building God’s kingdom and gathering resources for vision implementation – into a powerful ministry. She helped our church to receive over $1 million in pledges and the funds continue to pour in because a clear vision was cast and a clear path was laid before us. God has equipped Carla to be your escort on an amazing faith journey. Are you ready?
—Pastor William H. Lamar IV, Turner Memorial, Hyattsville, MD

“As a new president of a theological seminary your assistance and guidance was extremely helpful. This was the second time that I have used Generis to assist me with fundraising endeavors, first to assist with the Spring Creek Baptist Church capital campaign, which exceeded our expectations…second experience with you helping me double the NBTS end of year giving. I can state unequivocally that I am in a better financial and strategic position as a result of your excellent professional consultation. I will strongly recommend you and Generis to colleagues and anyone who ask for development, advancement, and financial consultation.”
—President Micah L. McCreary, Ph.D., New Brunswick Theological Seminary

“Mrs. Ray was an integral part of our Development Department…led a team which not only resulted in a 68% increase in year over year contributions but also exceeded fiscal goals, and laid the foundation for an explosive growth trend exceeding the $5.7M goal by $10 Million . . . her leadership, team building skills, ability to create Stewardship campaigns and working closely with individual donors to increase contributions. She works hard and operates with very high levels of integrity and is not afraid to think out of the box. Carla was able to effectively anticipate the needs of her department and create value added strategic plans to meet these needs. I know that Carla will be an excellent addition to your organization, and wholeheartedly recommend her.
—Chief Operating Officer Robert Parker, Vitamin Angels, Santa Barbara, CA

Carla’s Equation for Success

Empower clients by Educating, Equipping, and Encouraging plus Actions times Accountability equals Results (competence, revenue and spiritual growth)

E3 + 2A = R

EQUATION explanation:
Time for an equation. Don’t worry, no real math is involved!

Empower (cubed) (by Equipping, Educating and Encouraging plus 2A (Actions times Accountability) equals Results (competence, fiscal prowess, and spiritual growth).

I’m often asked what I do to help Christian organizations, churches, and their leaders realize their vision. I explain it in an “algebraic” style of the equation. The Lord revealed to me that the Es have an exponential relationship. That is, they don’t simply add to each other—they multiply each other for a powerful, vast result. In numbers, if you had 10 plus 15, you come up with only 15. But if you multiply them by each other, the result is 150. That’s the power of exponential process. Empower and build teams by equipping them with tools and biblical principles. Educate as to best practices and customized strategies. Encourage to stay the course and keep everyone’s eyes on the prize. As I coach the leadership team through the process, I help people uncover unexplored talents and capabilities. Specifically, I share tools that are customized for the church or nonprofit organization (NPO). And even more significantly, I coach them through strategies that enhance and make their efforts more effective. Still, hard work must be done to create a culture of generosity in a church or NPO. This coaching is done through Generis, a top Christian firm that accelerates generosity for God-inspired vision.

One strategy is to coach the pastor or CEO through conversations with high-capacity donors. God endows our churches with members and NPOs with supporters who have various talents. Yet many ignore the gift of wealth. Or worse yet, they don’t address disobedience in stewardship and the increasing debt among their members. Both ends of the spectrum will smother the resources needed to actualize their vision.

The two As (action and accountability) have a multiplicity relationship in that they partner as twins—twice the impact when actions are coupled with accountability. This means tasks with deadlines, follow up, reporting, milestones, etc. A lack of accountability is among the top reasons that churches and NPOs fail in executing plans. That goes for you and me, too.

The reason I do this work is the sustainable transforming change in givers’ lives. This defines the R, which results in team competence, spiritual growth and money for God-inspired vision. When we realize everything belongs to God (1 Chronicles 29:11-12), we are set free. Giving is for the believer.

God gave me this algebraic formula when I started generosity coaching to help to define my coaching quantitatively. If you created an algebraic expression for your life’s work, what would it be? What is your equation for success?