The traditional capital campaign approach has successfully been around for decades and continues to be an effective approach for accelerating giving and growing givers.

An innovative inclusive approach to accelerating giving that grows the ‘special’ funds as well as the general fund. Flexibility in designating funds, onboarding new givers and need a fresh approach to accelerating generosity.

Reveals new opportunities for creating a culture of generosity.

The Strategy Day (or Generosity Audit) analyzes the habits of your overall giving climate to see what is currently working as well as where opportunities for a culture of generosity to increase might exist. The Strategy Day is a one-day experience that provides a thorough assessment of your church’s effectiveness. We try to discover what things are causing generosity to grow as well as what might be inhibiting that growth.

This one-day experience is valuable regardless of whether or not you are heading into a capital campaign. We can help your church take further steps forward in increasing generosity.

No church is always where they want to be with their ongoing giving.

Most pastors wonder …..How do I increase this giving number? What can you do to close the gap between the vision you have for your church and the funding that you need to carry it out on an ongoing basis?

We believe we can partner with your church to elevate the general financial resources to match that vision you have for your church.

A Feasibility Study will help you make an informed decision on the project you’re working on based on interviews, information, and data, positioning your organization for the best possible outcome.

Is your organization planning a Capital Initiative in the near future? Are you mid-campaign and need some assistance? Maybe you’re just starting to dream and wonder if this is something that can work for you. We can help!

We have extensive experience in helping you identify where this capacity exists as well as coaching you on the conversations and approach that can effectively inspire these major gifts. We will assist your organization in reaching its goals, and ultimately, bless your givers for their generosity.


A highly functioning development program allocates its resources strategically in three critical areas: annual operational, major capital, and planned gifts. How they are integrated into the fundraising program needs to be efficient and effective.


We operate from a carefully crafted annual Development Plan. Whether your organization needs help building a Development Program and Plan from the ground up, or whether you’d like to enhance your current Development Plan, we can help. We specialize in meeting you and your organization right where you are and helping you take strategic steps forward.

We will analyze the performance of your current annual giving program and make recommendations related to building capacity for annual gifts, preparing for leadership giving, stewarding donors for increased and repeated giving, and leveraging branding and communications. We help you tell stories about your organization in a way that demonstrates impact and invite new and returning givers to provide unrestricted financial support.