Five Pillars of a First Class Life

Pillar 1: Be Disciplined
Pillar 2: Be a Masterpiece
Pillar 3: Be Diligent
Pillar 4: Be Radically Generous
Pillar 5: Be Resilient

I created Five Pillars to guide you through creating a mission statement for your life so that you too can begin fulfilling your destiny and purpose. Throughout the book, there are Scripture verses and passages to serve as guiding principles for you, with additional readings at the back of the book. However, this book is for everyone who is open to learning a healthy life and fiscal lessons. In these pages, I open up and share specific circumstances and experiences that helped me mature and live a more abundant life.

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Praise for Five Pillars of a First Class Life

“Having spent the last 26+ years of my life devoted to helping Christian people become more generous, I’ve seen firsthand what it means to let biblical principles guide you in overcoming financial challenges. The five pillars Carla has developed will help you make smart decisions to successfully live a generous and financially free life.”Jim Sheppard,CEO & Principal – Generis; Co-Author, Contagious Generosity: Creating A Culture Of Giving In Your Church

“Be a Masterpiece and Be Radically Generous are just two of the Five Pillars Carla teaches to show you how to live a First Class Life. Using her own life experiences, biblical references, and common sense strategies, Carla leads you on the path to self-discovery and ultimately, your life’s purpose.”Johnnetta Betsch Cole, Ph.D., Chair, National Council of Negro Women; President Emeritus, Spelman and Bennett Colleges; Co-Author, Gender Talk: The Struggle for Women’s Equality in African American Communities

“The Five Pillars Carla teaches will help you live a generous, fiscally healthy life. The book outlines practical financial principles that will show you how small steps can empower you to achieve and fund your vision of a First Class Life.”Brenda Allen, Ph.D., President, Lincoln University, PA.