Reflection: Life on Pause

When you do not see progress in your life you may be at the point where your Life is on Pause.  What do you do?

  • Seek healing and inner peace
  • Be excellent where you are
  • Do what you always wanted to do still ‘never had the time’
  • Plan for success
  • Appreciate what you do have
  • Trust God
  • Be prepared to pivot.

Sometimes life goes on pause because of tragedy, significant loss (like that of a spouse or child), illness, unemployment, and or broken dreams. Still we have to push through.

My oldest sister experienced unbelievable loss in a two-year period.  She lost her dream job partly because she spent so much time helping to care for our ailing parents.  Before she could recover and seek other employment, her college sweetheart and husband took his last breath unexpectedly.

She decided not to return to their house they had shared for over thirty years.  Their house lost significant value and needed many repairs.  Before she could stand on her own again, her baby, youngest son of two, was killed suddenly in a car accident. Her son and his fiancé were about to send out announcements of their wedding.  Those wedding save the date cards became my nephew’s memorial announcement cards.  Devastated yet not destroyed, my sister trusted God and pushed through.

My sister’s example taught me so much about not looking at your circumstance, yet seek God’s purpose and trust Him.  She preached a sermon called “Between a Rock and a Hard Place.”

By the way, my sister is flying high now.  She returned to school to pursue her Masters. She also was appointed as a Pastor of a small church.  She now resides in her baby son’s former home.  My sister is a comforter to those that experience significant loss and devastation.  She is one of my ‘sheros.’

Questions to Answer:

  • Discuss a time your life was on pause?
  • What lessons are you able to learn from survivors?
  • Have you experienced tragedy and how are you healing?

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