Your Mission Statement

Your Mission Statement

Congratulations on taking this important step to create your own personal mission statement!

Why would you do that? Because every individual and every group needs one. A mission statement is a short, well-organized and thought out expression of your why.

Please read the passage noted before each section and answer the questions that follow. They will help you think toward your mission statement.

Read Luke 22:31-32 before answering questions 1-5.

Read Read Psalm 1:3 before answering questions 6-8.

Read Philippians 3:13-14 before answering questions 9-14.

Read Hebrews 12:1 before answering questions 15-19.

Read Ecclesiastes 3:1 before answering questions 20-21.

Read Read Proverbs 29:18 before answering question 22.

Read Psalm 139 before answering question 23.

When you complete your statement, print it, even post it for all to see. Get moving toward it and hold yourself accountable. Please email me a copy at

For more ways to flourish and fulfill your mission, please read Five Pillars of a First Class Life.

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