Race, Religion, & Money

Race, Religion, & Money

A Courageous Conversation

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Featuring panelists:

-Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley, Alfred Street Baptist Church https://www.alfredstreet.org/

-Rev. Scott Chrostek, Church of the Resurrection  https://cor.org/downtown/

-Rev. Dr. Frances ‘Toni’ Draper, Freedom Temple AME Zion Church http://www.freedomtempleamez.com/

-Rev. William H. Lamar IV, Metropolitan AME Church https://www.metropolitaname.org/

Generis https://generis.com

Convener: Carla Maxwell Ray https://generis.com/carla-maxwell-ray/

Co-Facilitator: Rusty Lewis https://generis.com/rusty-lewis/


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