Create A Strong Foundation

Create A Strong Foundation

If your foundation is not strong, it may collapse during times of stress, pressure, or extra weight.

My dog and I had surgery, and we were sitting, recovering, and home alone. We were enjoying reading a book and peacefully bonding.

Everything seemed to have gone very well—until …

The cabinets from the kitchen wall collapsed and fell to the floor, destroying 75 percent of the dishes contained in the cabinet.

You see, we’d just moved into this home, and the former homeowners had redone the kitchen. Obviously, they used a contractor who had limited experience in hanging and installing cabinets.

In addition, the cabinets were made out of plywood—substandard materials.

My dog and I jumped! We were frightened by the thunderous sound and literally shaking. Then we went into the kitchen to inspect what had occurred. We had no idea what had caused that awful commotion.

The damage was massive. Most of the cabinets had fallen and broken mostly everything inside. I called our homeowner’s insurance and gathered kitchen contractors’ quotes. Instead of crying over the loss (many of the broken pieces were treasured wedding gifts), I focused on designing our new kitchen. As you can imagine, the cleanup was tedious and difficult with one healthy arm.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your budget have a strong foundation?
  • Is it built on biblical principles of fiscal accountability?
  • Do you have spending habits that may result in stress on your current fiscal situation?
  • What preventive mechanisms are in place, such as insurance, auto savings plans, and retirement auto savings?

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