Planting Spring Seeds for A Summer Harvest

Planting Spring Seeds for A Summer Harvest

What do we do about giving during the summer months? Every year Christian nonprofits brace themselves for the sometimes hard-hitting months of summer … especially those with a fiscal year ending in June. This year there is even more anxiety related to COVID-19 downward trends in giving. Try these 7 ways to plant seeds now to reap a summer harvest.

  1. Make Giving Easy: Spring is a prime time to educate your potential donors and past contributors about trying the alternative ways to give, i.e. online; mobile app; and self-addressed stamped return envelope.
  2. Feature Donor Stories: Ask donors who give during the summer discuss why and how. Use your website, social media, and e-newsletters. Do it now before Memorial Day.
  3. Offer Practical Tips: Eblasts, social media posts, and newsletters offer reminders of alternative ways to give and reinforce the generosity message.
  4. Make Giving Convenient: Send an email blast with links or mailings with return envelopes that give donors the convenience they need. Also, ensure your online giving process is quick and responsive. Lastly, remember to use mobile apps and text-to-give options.
  5. Recruit Ambassadors: Mobilize others to reach out to their networks. Make the outreach intentional and dynamic. Challenge all to participate in at least two alternative-giving techniques. When giving occurs online, provide the option for donors to post through social media and write about why they give.
  6. Feature Recurring Giving: Take time to recognize those who give through recurring giving and bank withdrawals. Have a recruitment event to encourage others to join them.
  7. Go Virtual: Host virtual updates from Facebook Live to Zoom, offering the opportunity to contribute and expand the numbers who participate.

Flourishing Together!


P.S. Please share how you make your Summer Harvest a reality. Tomatoes are part of my garden each year! Let us discuss how we may help you encourage increased giving. Contact me at Email: Cell: 678-613-9913 Twitter: Billion4God

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