Reflection: Curse of the Black Cat

Reflection: Curse of the Black Cat
One of the more popular myths is the one in which the black cat crosses one’s path. This portends very bad luck for that person who encountered the feline. Negative attitudes toward black cats more than likely finds its origin shortly after the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock.

As devout Christians, they were leery of anything symbolic of evil or connected with the devil. With British and European backgrounds, black cats were seen as companion animals or ‘familiars’ to witches. In fact, any person found with a black cat in their possession was subject to severe punishment or even death.

The black cat was considered part devil and part sorcery. As the Christians grew in numbers in America, these myths grew more powerful. Since the people identified as witches in America were considered part of the Sisterhood of Witches in England, rumors abound that black cats were also used in their craft and rituals. Many black cats were hunted down and killed along with the witches.

Puritan Christians believed that witches often transmuted themselves into black cats to avoid death. Today that myth remains so powerful that many animal shelters will not allow black cats to be adopted around Halloween for fear they may be abused. Other curious events and folklore tales are plentiful in history, which propagated myths about bad luck and black cats. King Charles I of England owned a black cat. The day the cat died, the story goes that he proclaimed, “Alas, my luck has run out.” He was arrested for high treason.

While walking down the street one day towards my car in snow and ice, I noticed a black cat. Immediately, I smiled and thought of the curse of the black cat. Knowing it was not true, I proceeded walking. Well the cat crossed the street and was walking in my direction. I speed up and almost slipped on a patch of ice to avoid the encounter.

Changing my behavior and putting myself at risk of falling because of an old wive’s tale I know was false. Then I experienced a eureka moment:

How many of us will change our behavior for what we know is not true, yet still not change for God’s Word which we know is the TRUTH. Malachi 3 said we are cursed with a curse because we withhold tithes and offerings. Yet the promise of blessings is there if we do as God instructs.

Questions to Answer:
Describe a situation where you adjusted your behavior for something that is not true.
When have you believed God or not believed Him?
Discuss your experienced
What lessons did you learn?